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Hummingwolf at Home

A cross between wolf and hummingbird, the hummingwolf is a strange creature indeed.

The hummingwolf's appearance resembles that of a tiny grey wolf with the wings and back of the ruby-throated hummingbird of Eastern North America. Often seen flitting from shop to shop in search of dark chocolate (its preferred food), the creature may be humming bits of Kalinnikov's First Symphony or various pop songs, though it is difficult to determine which tune is intended as the humming tends to be painfully off-key.

Frequently managing to go unnoticed by its peers, the hummingwolf has been described by some as "weird but nice." It has also been said that the hummingwolf's halo is being held up by its horns, but there has so far been no photographic evidence of a halo of any kind. The creature (noted for its introversion) spends a great deal of time snug in its nest, which is amply stocked with books and compact disks. In spite of researchers' best efforts to discover one, there is no known mating call for the hummingwolf.


How does the hummingwolf view its role in the grand scheme of things? This pretty much sums it up.


What are the origins of the hummingwolf? Was it born alongside the more famous centaurs, gryphons, sphynx, and chimerae in the mists of the mythic past? Was it created in some mad scientist's laboratory in a deranged feat of genetic engineering? Or did the hummingwolf spring to life when a woman getting online in the mid-1990s said to herself "Darn, all the good cat names are taken"? The world may never know.


All icons were made by me using POV-Ray (with occasional help from old versions of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop) unless otherwise noted.
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