Hummingwolf (hummingwolf) wrote,

Veterans Day

Take some time to remember what our veterans fought for. Think about the things that you consider worth fighting for. Are you a nonviolent person interested in pursuing paths of peace? Good for you! There are ways to pursue what is right that don't involve picking up a weapon. If you can volunteer for good organizations that are under threat, please do so. If you have money, please donate. If you aren't able to volunteer or donate, send messages of encouragement to the people who are doing the work you believe should be done. Even a very little thing can find roots, branch out, and grow into something big.

The world is a big place. The world is your oyster. Be an irritant under its shell.

Consider the possibility that you've always been a butterfly.

Oh, just in case it might be relevant, here's a link: Autocracy: Rules for Survival.
Tags: holiday tradition, linkage
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