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Tuesday: It was as bitterly cold as they'd predicted, and I was as inactive as I'd expected. Spent most of the day either reading in the dining room (much warmer than my bedroom) or napping under cozy layers and layers of covers. Had fun looking out the windows watching squirrels chasing each other around and around in an apparent effort to keep themselves warm. It was a pretty pleasant day overall, if uneventful.

Miles walked: Zero, nada, none.

Music of the day: J.S. Bach's Brandenburg concertos numbers 2-6, from I Musici.


Wednesday: Still tired enough to spend much of the day napping, I did think about going for a walk later in the afternoon. After going about thirty feet, I thought again and came back home, thinking that was all the walking I'd do for the day. But later in the evening, a smell reminiscent of improperly burning fuel oil or diesel drew me out of the house to wander around the neighboring streets in an attempt to find out where the smell was coming from. I didn't locate the source then and I was too unhappy about the air quality to continue the search for long, but I determined that at least it wasn't coming from our house. Came home and took a shower to get the smell of that gunk out of my hair. Half-wished that I were still coughing as much as I was last week, because it would have been nice to have expelled that stuff out of my lungs.

Aside from the napping, I spent my time reading or listening to music. Oh, I also got the chance to laugh at the landlord climbing over appliances like a monkey. Good times.

Miles walked: Half of one, maybe less.

Music: Toto's first self-titled album, more than once.


Thursday: Farmers' market day! Bought bread and apples at the market, then spent a good while listening to various conversations, occasionally joining in. Other than that, I did a fair amount of reading and walking. Sometime I should talk about what I was reading, but I'm too tired to go into that right now. Also started to do some daydreaming, but a major character in the daydream told me, "Stop thinking about me!" Kind of bossy for a fictional character, but I wasn't in the mood to argue with him.

Miles walked: Roughly 3.5, which is something of a minor miracle. I don't expect to be doing much of that tomorrow.

Music: Mr. Mister's third album, Go On..., and Christopher Cross's self-titled debut.
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