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An attendance of STR Nicholas

It is Christmas Eve, time once again for the classic holiday traditions! As some of you may recall, one of my favorite traditions involves the mutilation of a classic Christmas poem. Back in 1999, I ran an old favorite by Clement Clarke Moore (or possibly Henry Livingston) through Babelfish, translating from English to German and back again. Even after all these years, I find myself muttering some of these old lines throughout the holiday season, and I hope that you, too, will treasure them in your hearts. Enjoy!

An attendance of STR Nicholas

' Twas the night before Christmas, when by the house a creature did not agitate itself completely, a mouse do not smooth; The socks were hung by the fire-place with Obacht, in hopes that STR would be Nicholas there soon;

The children nest LED quite comfortably in their beds, while sights of the sugar plums danced into their headings; And mamma in their ' kerchief and I in my protective cap, had agreed upon even down for the hair of a long winter,

When on the lawn such developed out a Geklapper, I rose from the bed, in order to see, what the material was. Away to the Window I flew like lightning, tore opened the shutters up violently and threw up sash.

The moon on the chest of the again-pleased snow gave the gloss of the at noon to the messages down, if, which to my miracles eyes should appear, but a Minisleigh and a small Ren eight,

With a small old driver thus lively and fast, I knew in one moment, which must be it STR cut. Faster than eagles its coursers came it, and it whistled and cried and designated it in particular;

" now, the ago! now DANCERS! now PRANCER and VIXEN! Up, comet! on CUPID! up, DONDER and LIGHTNINGS! To the top side of the portal! to the top side of the wall! Now hyphen away! Hyphen away! Hyphen away all! ",

When dry pages, which before the wild hurricane fly, if they meet an obstacle, installing to the sky, so up to the house top side coursers, which they flew, with sleigh fully of the play goods and of STR Nicholas also.

And then, in one twin-sound, heard I on the roof the Prancing and the Pawing of each small hoof. While I drew into my hand and turned me around, down the fire-place STR came Nicholas with a boundary.

It became everything in the fur, by its heading its foot geklitten, and its clothes were clouded all with ash and soot; A bundle of play goods, which it had back hurled on its, and it looked like an even opening of the hausierers its record.

Its eyes -- like it twinkled! its gruebchen, how merrily! Its cheeks were like Roses, its Wekzeugspritze like a cherry! Its droll small opening was ausgearbeitt like an elbow, and the beard of its chin was as white as the snow;

The stump of a pipe, which it stopped firmly in its teeth and which circled smoke it its heading like a Wreath; It had an expanded face and a small round antinode bulge, which shook, when it laughed like bowlful the jelly.

It was stout chubby and, a right merry old eleven and I laughed, when I saw it, despite me; A sign of its eye and the torsion of its heading, gave me soon to be afraid in order to know that I did not have anything;

He spoke not a word, but went even to its work and filled all socks; then turned with a jerk and aside put its finger of its Wekzeugspritze rose to giving a heading nodding and, up the fire-place he;

It rose to its sleigh, gave its team whistles, and away all flew it like that downward thistle. But I heard it, ere it from sight propelled to proclaim " LUCKY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! ",
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