Hummingwolf (hummingwolf) wrote,

Happy Peak Bloom!

Finally, here in the DC area we can say it: Happy Spring! (It's now feeling more Summery than I'd like, but you take what you can get.)

I'm not really up to saying anything coherent, so I'll leave you with a link to a visualization of the Cherry Blossom Festival and Peak Bloom Dates.

Also, a quiz result which should surprise no-one who has seen me recently:

You Are Rapunzel

You are shy and a bit sheltered. You're curious about the world, and you want to break free!

You sometimes feel like you're waiting for your life to begin. There's so much you want to see and do.

You're still trying to figure out who you are and your place in the world. You're not sure what you who you want to be yet.

You are resourceful and brave. Once you are given a little freedom, you boldly go after what you want.

It's the hair. I'm sure this is all about the hair.
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