Hummingwolf (hummingwolf) wrote,

Hummingwolf Today

Now seeing: Nothing terribly interesting. It's nighttime and I've closed the blinds, so there's just my clutter which I'd rather not think about too much just now.

Now hearing: My lovely, lovely space heater. Oh space heater, never let me down!

Now feeling: A bit chilly, despite the space heater. Otherwise I'm dealing with a mild migraine as well as the usual assortment of aches & pains. Emotionally, I'm balanced at a point where I can tip over into happiness or sadness but probably will remain balanced here at least until bedtime.

Now tasting: Nothing in particular... oh, now it's the twig tea I've just drunk a bit of.

Now smelling: It seems to be a combination of ginger and cardboard. Your guess is as good as mine.

Now wearing: Black V-neck sweater, blue jeans that don't fit my shape very well, white socks that have seen better days, white running shoes (also pretty worn out), pair of glasses that I simply must replace in 2013, and boring underwear.

Last album listened to: Kathy Mattea, Love Travels, which I love with a love that isn't going anywhere.

Last book finished: Proving the Unseen, a short collection of sermons by George MacDonald. It was the 99th book I finished in 2012. (Yes, ninety-nine. I would have liked to have reached triple digits, but it was not to be.)

Last DVD watched: Source Code, the 54th and last DVD I watched in 2012. It's very much my type of story, and it would be even if the film didn't feature little bits of a song Nik Kershaw wrote.

Last TV show watched: Well, I tried watching a low-powered analog station a few days ago, but it wasn't coming in well enough for me to figure out which film they'd dubbed into Spanish.

Miles walked today: More than two, but I'm not sure how much more and I'm too tired to try to retrace my steps to figure it out.

Color of the day: #B31E32. It just is.

Last meal eaten: Ground lamb with potato, onion, broccoli, and smoked sharp cheddar, topped with a bit of avocado. The seeds of 1/3 of a pomegranate. And a Cadbury caramel egg.

Wait, wait... Cadbury caramel egg? Yep. I ate one on January 1, 2012 too, so this may be the start of a tradition.

But that's Easter candy! Yes, and the stores had candy eggs on the shelves on December 30--when they were still playing Christmas music. The holiday tunes seem to have stopped for the new year, but it's possible that I just wasn't paying enough attention to what was coming out of those sound systems.

Most recent phone call: Short one to one of my brothers, who seems to have survived the holidays without completely falling apart, so that's a plus.

Most recent real-life conversation:
Random Stranger: You know what's missing in our society?

Me: What?

RS: Someone to say, "How ya doing? Happy New Year!"

Me: Happy New Year!

Thought for the day: Happy New Year!
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