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Still alive

I keep thinking about posting and interacting more on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal; but seriously, the internet just isn't as much fun for a dial-up user as it used to be. Also, allergy medicine is making my brain even fuzzier than usual. The fact that the DC area has been much cooler than usual, making my room cool enough that I start to lose feeling in my digits unless I'm covered up in heavy layers (or unless I turn on my space heater, which I don't want to because money), also doesn't help. I mean, why get online when I can curl up in bed with a good book?

So, my social life these days is mostly offline. It's not as much of a social life as I'd like, thanks to lack of energy and limited funds, but people around town know my name and want to stop and chat with me a while, so maybe that's enough for now.

(No, it's not enough. I wanted to go out and do something this morning/early afternoon. The fact that I knew it was unlikely that I'd do anything even very late in the morning (my body is not at all the body of a morning person) didn't change my disappointment in not doing the thing I wanted to do. It's the same old dilemma: If I don't try to get out, I never will--but if I do try to get out, I'm much more disappointed when I find I need to stay at home.)

The weather's supposed to get warmer this week, which should be good for people's moods. We're not used to cold, rainy weather in May around here ("cold" being a relative term, of course). Here's hoping the pollen will be kind to us and I won't have to max out on mind-altering allergy meds again. And here's hoping that I'll be able to go shopping for those shoes I so desperately need. And here's hoping with all my overoptimistic little heart I'll be able to do something fun next weekend, and the weekend after that.
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