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For the record

I love snow. I do. Snow is beautiful and the chance to watch it fall and drift still fills me with childlike glee. But I'm also a big fan of crocuses in all their shades of purple and yellow and white, and I enjoyed seeing them spring up around the neighborhood last week. So can somebody please make this snow go away now so we can see all those lovely crocuses again? I'd appreciate that and I believe that 99.99% of my neighbors would as well.

More realistically, tomorrow should be a good day to go out looking for fox tracks in the snow. (A fox was playing in the alley this evening before running to a nearby field.)

At least I was prepared for today's storm, having stocked up on kefir, chocolate, and kim chee. (It's just possible that I have different priorities than most people, storm-preparation-wise.) And I went into DC to pick up my indulgence of the month on Saturday--the new Suzanne Vega CD! There are other new CDs I'd love to have too, but it's still cold and we still have astonishingly high oil bills to pay. (Good thing I still have chocolate.)

I'm tired & a bit headachy, so I should get to bed soon. Here's hoping that the furnace continues to work through the cold. (Even though you all don't know it, every single one of you is glad that you weren't in this house Saturday morning. Trust me on this.)

Good night, all. Please tell spring that we're ready to welcome her with open arms.
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