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Hummingwolf Today & Happy New Year!

Now Seeing: My computer screen with the Dreamwidth update page open in one window, a text file open in Notepad, a bunch of icons, and wallpaper with an aerial view of some dramatic arid-looking landscape somewhere.

Now Hearing: Computer fan, hum of kitchen appliances, rumble of the furnace, a distant train.

Now Feeling: Somewhat achy and congested, but not yet ready to fall into bed.

Now Smelling: The minty freshness of Candy Cane Lane tea.

Now Tasting: Salt.

Now Wearing: Black sweater with sort of a v-neck, dark blue jeans, white socks, a worn-out pair of white athletic shoes I use around the house instead of slippers, old glasses that still need to be replaced, and multicolored flowery underwear.

Last Meal Eaten: I splurged on crab & shrimp fritters and a bowl of harira at Busboys and Poets. For those of you who don't know them, Busboys and Poets is a DC-area restaurant chain known for their progressive politics. They support the poor with their politics, but not with the prices of their food. I don't go there much. (The food was reasonably good, though, and I needed to be around people today.)

Other Purchase of the Day: A small kitten calendar, because our kitchen needs a kitten calendar. It just does. (Kitchen kittens!)

CD of the Day: Prokofiev--Cinderella (Suite), performed by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Leonard Slatkin, who assembled the suite himself out of bits of Prokofiev's ballet score. I suppose it must be good music to start the year with, because I've listened to it twice already.

Animal of the Day: Red fox! There's one that's been living in our neighborhood for over a year now, and we hear him often but see him rarely. This morning was the fourth time I've seen him, and I wouldn't have seen him then if I hadn't heard him first.

LEGO Minifigure of the Day: A few days ago, I bought one of those minifigure packages with random characters in them with the intention of opening it up on New Year's Day. So the New Year minifigure is the Welder. Theme of the year: Joining things together--with FIRE! I'm remarkably okay with that.

Last Book Finished: The book cover says it's Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy. In reality it's more like a book of poems adapted from or inspired by Rilke, mutated by the aesthetic preferences of a couple of late-20th-century American Buddhist activist women. It's not a bad collection, but I'd still like to read a translation of Rilke.

Number of Books Finished in 2013: 131--and only 28 of those came from the children's section of the library! Of course, some of the books for grown-ups I checked out were pretty fluffy. Still, that's the most books I've finished in one year since I began keeping track in 2007.

Miles Walked Today: About two.

New Goal for 2014: To post enough to LiveJournal and Dreamwidth to get all the entries from 2011 off my "Recent Entries" page.
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