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Checking In

It's not you; it's me. I really haven't been in the mood for writing this year! But I wanted to sign in to LJ to tell anyone wondering about me that I'm still alive--even after yesterday's record heat and last night's violent storms! Power was out at home this morning, so here I am keeping my cool at the public library until they kick me (and all the other folks here trying to stay cool) out.

What have I done so far in 2012? Well, I've

* been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, then

* been freaked out by the unseasonably warm weather

* enjoyed going to farmers' markets each week, even when the markets were not officially open

* read over 50 books so far

* observed a family of neighborhood raccoons, all of them utterly adorable

* been seriously flirted with (about half an hour ago) by someone new in town

* been less seriously flirted with (at various markets) by various long-timers

* hung out with local elected officials (though none of them were *my* elected officials)

* wondered how much of my refrigerated food is going to survive the power outage

* wondered if there's any good place to sleep in this library

Right then. That's about all the coherent thought I can manage. Anyone else tired of dealing with record-breaking heat?
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